Prevention Centers and Hotlines

There are several Awareness Centers in Texas:

 In Texas
Child Abuse Prevention Center
2902 Swiss Avenue Dallas, TX 75204
214.370.9810 FAX: 214.824-6901

ESCAPE Family Resource Center
3210 Eastside Houston, TX 77030
713.942.9500 FAX: 713.942.0702

Affiliate Program
Youth and Family Counseling Services
P. O. Box 611 Angleton, TX 77516-1611
979/864-1577 FAX: 979/848-8628

Affiliate Program
Aware Central Texas, Inc. (ACT)
202 E. First St. Belton, TX 76513
254.939.7582 FAX: 254.939.1957

Hotlines to Call 
First and foremost, if you even suspect physical abuse, call 911! 
Its better to be safe than to be sorry. We learned the hard way. Don't make the mistake that Vincent's neighbors made. They called the hot line- which was exactly what the hot-lines tell us to do- but the hot-line didn't follow up because the neighbor wasn't sure it was physical, but it was!! THIS was NOT the neighbors fault! The hot line should have reported it to the local police department and they didn't, his report was put into a priority pile!!!

I strongly urge you to contact local police, even if you call the non-emergency line. You will never have to give your name, but they will ask you a series of questions. Please remember that you might help actually save the life of a child by calling law enforcement and not a hot line.