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 1-9-11 (with video) Suspects interviews are a window into child abuse trial
1-8-11 (with video) Carrs Defense Tempts to Quash Statements
1-7-11 Statements are admissible in murder trial
1-6-11 (with video) Chad Carr's statements can be included in his murder trial
1-6-11 Judge: Suspect's statements are admissable in murder case
1-5-11 Police Testify in N.Newton murder case
1-4-11 Hearing Underway in Child Murder Case

 9-30-10 (with video) Mom sentenced to 3 years in son's abuse case
9-30-10(with video) Newton mother sentenced in Child's Death
9-30-10 Kansas mother sentenced for role in baby death
9-30-10(with video) North Newton mom sentenced in baby's death
 9-30-10 Woman faces sentencing in death of her toddler

 Mom pleads to some charges in boys death
 July 30, 2010- North Newton pleades no contest to child abuse case
  July 30, 2010- Mom pleads no contest to charges in son's murder

  July 20, 2010 Mom's bond remains $50,000
  Mother of slain North Newton boy to remain in jail
  July 10, 2010---Newton Man to stand trial for toddler's death
 July 10, 2010 Man accused of killing toddler pleads not guilty
July 9, 2010 North Newton man to go to trial in death of toddler
July 9, 2010 Man Bound For Trial In Death of Child

   June 15, 2010 Judge Will Not Restrict Public Access
  June 5, 2010 Murder Charge Added in Boy's Death
   June 5, 2010 Murder charge filed in death of Newton Toddler
 June 4, 2010 Murder charge filed in death of North Newton Toddler
  Murder charge filed in Death of Toddler

April 30, 2010- Mother of slain denied bond reduced

April 29, 2010---Evidence Stalls Preliminary Hearings in Toddler Death

April 23, 2010---Balloon Release to Honor Slain Toddler

April 16, 2010---Wichita Women Try to Stop Child Abuse with Yard Signs

April 12, 2010--- Fighting Child Abuse with Yard Signs!

April 5, 2010---Brother of North Newton Man arrested in Porn Charges

April 2, 2010---Man Accused in Child's Death Faces Additional Charges

April 2, 2010---Man charged in case of toddler death faces Porn Charges

April 2, 2010---Mom charged in North Newton Baby Death

April 3, 2010---Funeral Services Held For Newton Toddler

March 31, 2010---Mother of 19 Month Old Charged in Death of Baby

March 31, 2010---Abuse Hotline Call Dismissed Months Before Baby's Death

March 31, 2010---SRS Policy on Phone Calls Reporting Agency

March 28, 2010---Charges Filed in Death of Harvey County Baby

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